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I started a new part time job that I wasn’t real excited about back in the early 90’s.  “This is going to suck, but it’s only 4 hours a day” I told myself.  I could get through it, and I needed the money worse than bad.  You know what?  It did suck, and my boss was kind of a jerk and we didn’t get along all that good so I quit.  Who didn’t see that coming?

Out on the trap line last winter that stuff was coming out of the sky.  I’m not sure what you call it.  Some hybrid substance between snow, rain mixed with slush, mixed with double-ought buckshot.  Perpetuated sideways by a 40 mile per hour Nebraska east wind.  “What the @%$@ am I doing out here?” I questioned myself.  Besides just having fixed my 2nd flat tire of the week earlier in the day, I was questioning my own mental health status as I trudged into the wind to make some coyote sets out in the hedge row.  Those sets sucked.  The ground was wet, about to freeze, but I mudded them in anyway.  Never caught a damn thing in those.

I was reading American Trapper magazine today.  Mike Marchewka has a good article in there.  In it he quotes Zig Ziglar, noted author and veteran.  Zig says:

“You were born to win but to win you must prepare to win, plan to win, and expect to win.”

Put this advice back on my trap line.  That day the weather was terrible, I knew I wasn’t going to win once I stepped outside the house.  I should have stayed home.  I had a bad attitude and shouldn’t have even started out.

You should apply this attitude to everything you do in life.  Especially in the outdoors realm.  Go catch that limit, go blast that turkey.  Go stick that buck and pile up that fur!

Attitude is everything!

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