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The best bait for anything has been debated before we were on this earth and will remain debated long after we are gone.  When it comes to catfish bait, this seems to be even more true.  We have broken down catfish baits into 3 categories, live bait, prepared bait, and other.  In the first part of this series we will discuss prepared baits.  In the second part we will talk about live bait and what we prefer.  Third, we will talk about bait that really isn’t either live or prepared.  Finally, the last part will put live bait versus prepared bait to reveal our ultimate all time favorite catfish bait.

Prepared Baits for Catfish

Prepared baits can fall into multiple sub categories.  Stink baits, dough balls and dip baits could be considered such baits.  Keying in on the catfish’s sense of smell, it seems these baits compete for market share by out-stinking the competition.

catfish dip bait

Premo makes a good catfish bait

But there is a factor more important than just how bad something smells to us humans.  You need to try and focus in on what the ingredients are in the bait.  A catfish’s diet changes as it matures but the ones we are after will primarily be eating other fish.  Pick your prepared bait by the ones that smell most “fishy” to you.  Other ingredients are added to these prepared baits to increase the stink factor.  They can include chicken guts, blood, and cheese.  When it comes to using these types of baits, out favorite way to rig them is with treble hooks and a sponge with netting around them.

Of all the prepared baits we have tried, we found Sonny’s to be the best.  Sonny’s can be hard to find sometimes.  If your local store doesn’t carry it, do a google search for Zeiner’s Bass Shop or find them at

Next time we will talk about live bait choices for catfish and our favorite.

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