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Very little will I ask of the government.  A governmental body is not normally the place I turn to when I need advice.  After all, they can barely keep their own house in order and can’t even keep their head above water.  But in 1982, a couple of scientists decided to find out which scents coyotes like the best.  Their experiment ran through 1985 and their report was published in 1987, and I will try and put some of it into terms us normal guys can understand.

The Brains Behind The Numbers

The two guys leading the experiment were George E. Graves and Major L. Boddicker.  The latter of which you have probably heard of if you have read the Trappers Post, The Fur Taker, or any other trapping publication which he has contributed.  Even guys with PhD’s like to trap!  (Mark June is one of them)

Some Plain English About The Study

If you are like me, you get about 10 sentences into a scientific study document and want to stop reading it.  They are complicated and written for people way smarter than me.  But because of my love of trapping, my respect for Major, and general curiosity, I managed to plow through most of it.  What I found was interesting to say the least.

In Conclusion, My Thought

If you are willing to comb through this study, take your time and really “study” it, you will find that it is packed with valuable information for the average Joe coyote trapper.  Some of the nuggets you can pick out are which types of lures work best at certain types of year.

In a future post I will break out some bullet points from this study.  Personally, I find it fascinating.  In the meantime, here is the link for you to check it out for yourself.

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