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Trapping is full of ingenuity. One thing you can say about trappers, is we are creative. If we see a need for a new tool, we build it. We fashion it out of wood, wire, steel, or duct tape. We take it out on the line and use it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But when it does, we have a winner.  Such was the evolution of the “dog proof” trap.

Dog Proof Trap – The Invention

It is unclear who invented the dog proof trap.  Doing a quick google search didn’t get me much, but here is an interesting article on it from the Fur, Fish and Game website.  Various versions of it have come and gone since the mid 80’s or so, and probably even before then.  I hate to make definite statements, because someone will always dispute it.  But the advent of the trap started with a need:  How can we catch raccoons and avoid catching dogs and other non-targets?

What We Have Today

Today’s DP traps are things of simple beauty.  Zinc coated, powder coated, all shiny coming out of the box.

duke dog proof trap

Powder coated Duke brand dog proof trap.

We now have easy-setting features and easy clean-out features.  But don’t put too much stock in how these things function and look coming out of the box…how they hold up in the field is the real test.

Putting Them To The Test

The only way to determine if you have a good trap is to go catch some coons.  Raccoons are notoriously hard on traps.  They will bend springs, bend dogs, get mud in places you wouldn’t think, and put a mirror shine on your new paint or dye job.  My advice to anyone getting started with DP’s is to buy a couple of several different brands.  If you are on a limited budget especially, then buy a couple at a time instead of sinking all your money into a dozen of one kind.  This will give you a broader picture of what is available.

Experimentation will be the key here.  Look for our reviews on three different brands of dog proof traps in future blog posts and youtube videos.  Don’t forget to check out our youtube channel for reviews and other advice, and our store for all your trap line essentials.

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