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When it comes to predator trapping, sometimes it pays to be different.  This is how I would describe Clint Locklear’s Federales bait, if I had to use one word.  Not the “different” you say when you don’t like your wife’s new meatloaf recipe, but this is different in a good way.  I picked this bait up at the FTA in Kansas last year at Clint’s booth.  I have used it with success.

Meat Based

Like most coyote baits, this one is meat based.  I am not sure what meat, and I am not sure it matters that I know.  This bait has a very permeating, almost sour smell to it.  Not a rotton-sour, but there is definitely something that jumps out at you right away when you pop the lid.  It is not your typical tainted meat, aged gland coyote bait smell.

Predominant Smells

Clint Locklear's Federales Bait, Pint

Federales bait

As I stated, I am not sure what that is that pops out at you when you crack open Federales, but I know the coyotes like it.  i have used this bait with and without an accompanying lure, both ways with success.  I have always used it down a dirt hole, with a grass ball or some chaff covering it slightly.  But I could also use it in other ways, such as trash piles.

Federales – Not Just For Coyotes

Although I have only used this bait in coyote sets, it would work equally well in fox or bobcat sets.  This could also be an effective bank hole bait for coon, and I may give that a shot this fall.  I probably wouldn’t stuff it down a DP, but it may work that way.  I like to keep my DP’s relatively clean by using dry baits in them.

In Summary

When I purchased this from Clint at the FTA, he told me, “you will like that.  You will buy more of that” and he’s right.  This did work for me, and when I get through this jar I will get more.  It is different and it works.  This bait is available directly from Clint’s Store ( and also available in our store.  Give this a try this year on your predator line!

Check out our youtube video review for Federales:

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