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I had this really weird dream last night, and totally forgot that I even had it until my wife pulled the tub of country crock out of the refrigerator this morning.  It triggered it, and it hit me.  I suddenly remembered what was

in my dream and I almost blurted out “Don’t eat that….”

Country Crock Original. Isn’t half bad if you’re not a real butter kind of guy.

Butter?  Really?

OK, stay with me here.  Not even real butter.  More like some 40% vegetable matter of unknown type.  But in my dream, all I can remember was there were three tubs of Country Crock in the fridge at home.  One was Original, the other two were Skunk Essence and Beaver Castor!

not a country crock item

Avoid this if you see it in stores (which you won’t because it is a figment of my imagination)

not a country crock product

This variety may only be slightly better than its counterpart.

What Does This Have To Do With Trapping/Hunting/Fishing?

All I can say is that this time of year, a young man’s thoughts drift towards deer blinds, coon traps and lure.  Even old men (like me) who think they are young men.  Plus it has been unseasonably cool here in the heartland and “feels like fall” in the mornings.

New Product Idea?

I’m not ready to pitch this idea to the fine folks that make Country Crock.  For some reason I just don’t think it would fly.  But if you have stuck with me so far, please check out our store.  We are 90% complete in adding our trapping products, and are now featuring Duke traps.  We have our dye and wax on sale also, and it will be on sale until I see fit to take it off, which might be tomorrow or might be September.  More like November.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far, and forgive my amateurish renditions of Country Crock!

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