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We will strive to ship out all orders the same day.  Having “day jobs” like we do sometimes makes that hard to accomplish, but we try.  When we have the products in stock, all orders will go out the next mailing day at the latest.

We have written our own shipping system called “Single Item Shipping”, because we know some times you only need one thing. Why pay over-the-top shipping when you just want a pack of hooks?  Check out our Single Item Shipping page to see how this works. We are excited about offering this rock bottom shipping option to you and we think it is the first of its kind in the industry!

When you order more than one item on your order, we strive to give you the best shipping cost we possibly can.  We check multiple carriers at multiple levels to determine what is the best price.  One thing we hate is a company that is overcharging for shipping.  Another thing we hate is charging the customer $5 for shipping when we have to pay $10.  It works much better when it is fair both ways.

With that in mind, and after experimenting with several different algorithms and shipping methods we have come up with the following shipping rates based on sales dollar amounts  (These rates have been adjusted, mostly lowered, as of July 17, 2019):

Between… …and Shipping
$0.01 $10.00 $6.97
$10.01 $30.00 $8.98
$30.01 $50.00 $9.90
$50.01 $100.00 $10.95
$100.01 $250.00 $16.96
$251.01 …on up $24.95

If you have any questions, let us know in the Contact Us page, and thanks for visiting!