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Have you ever been to a retail store, shopping for fishing tackle, hunting gear, or really anything for that matter?  Did you cringe when you saw some of the prices compared to the quality?  It seems that today’s business model is “shrink the product, reduce the quality, and charge the customer more”.

That is what got us started…we were tired of it.

In this world today, competition has driven prices up and quality down.  Being a small home based business, we don’t have the same kinds of expenses and overhead as the big box stores.  We don’t rely on cheap labor or depend on corporate earnings.  Whenever possible our suppliers are small businesses like ourselves.  This is how we can keep prices fair while still delivering you the same or better quality of products that you expect.

We specialize in fishing, hunting and trapping products for the outdoors.  Whenever possible, our products are made in the USA.  We are not going to sell you a fishing, hunting or trapping product we wouldn’t use ourselves.  Everything we sell comes with a money back quality guarantee.

Us at the end of Broadway Street in Nashville, Tennessee, September 2015.

H2 Tackle and Outdoors is owned and operated by Mark and Shannon Hajny of Clay Center, Nebraska.  For years we have watched wages not keep pace with prices, and quality and value vaporize away.  After our kids were grown and out of the house we decided to do our part to change this.  We branched out and started to create things we could sell, to give quality and value back to the American outdoorsman.  We are the daughter of an artist and a son of a farm boy.  It does make for some creative differences sometimes!  But we usually find a way to meet in the middle and make it work.  Every year we give a portion of our income to American charities such as the Red Cross, Paw’s for a Cause, Ronald McDonald House and the United Way.

Thanks for stopping by our online store and if you have any questions about our hunting, fishing or trapping products feel free to contact us.

Mark and Shannon