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Cable Stake Earth Anchor, 15′, Berkshire HD, Dozen


Cable Stake Earth Anchor, 15′, Berkshire HD, Dozen

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These cable stakes are made with Heavy Duty Berkshire ends and can be used with a specialized driver, or they can be used with a plain steel rod with the end ground to a point. Stakes are 15′ total with a loop on top where you can attach your trap with a J-Hook or other means. Cable is 7×7 3/32. Some people call these disposable, and just cut them off in the ground when finished with them. But you can also retrieve them and re-use them catch after catch. One of the best staking systems ever invented for trapping.

Every snare, cable stake, extension and drowner wire we make is personally inspected to make sure it meets our quality standards. We are trappers too, and we use and depend on these same cables. These carry our 100% quality guarantee. Thank you for your business.

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