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Carman Canine Call Lure, 1 oz


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Carman’s Canine Call

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Carman’s Canine Call Lure can serve a double purpose. It can be used as a long distance call when the need arises, but is best used directly at the set. When used as a distance call, place 3′ high in a tree, bush, weed, etc., and within 12′ of the set. Actual tests by government trappers and college groups have proven this to be the top coyote lure in the nation and is equally attractive to red and grey fox. Also a very fine bobcat lure for use at up to 80% of your sets. Also deadly on fisher and marten. Canadian trappers report that it is also very deadly on the true wolf and lynx. Best used alone, without bait. Carman’s best lure for use during very cold weather and has been proven effective at 26 degrees below zero.
Successfully used on our own trapline!

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