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Carman Magna Glan Lure, 1 oz


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Carman Magna Glan Lure, 1 oz

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Carman’s Magna-Glan Lure is a very deadly lure on red and grey fox, coyotes, bobcat and coon. Can be used at 50% to 60% of your fox and coyote sets, and 50% to 80% of your cat sets. A coon lure supreme making it a fine lure where more than one of the above species is found. This lure hardens under cold temperatures but still remains effective. Proven deadly on cyanide guns and simulated gun heads for both fox and coyote. Proven very effective during warm weather for predator control work but is equally effective during cold weather making it a good all-season lure.
Successfully used on our own trapline!

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