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Carman Red Fox Gland Lure, 1 oz


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Carman Red Fox Gland Lure, 1 oz

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Carman’s Red Fox Gland Lure is a red fox matrix lure. Best for use at scent post sets and baited sets of any kind. At post sets it can be used with or without additional urine. In areas of high competition, it can be used alone at dirt holes with a bit of red fox urine or cat urine and produce surprising results. Attractive to both red and grey fox. Also holds a fair to good attraction to bobcats and coyote. The attraction to these animals is increased when used with bait. Good twelve months of the year, but especially valuable after Christmas until they become rubbed. During mating season this lure should only be used at scent post sets as the males are inclined to shoulder rub the lure at dirt holes. This is true only during the mating season.

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