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CJ’s Bait, Shad, 14oz


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CJ’s Punch Bait, Shad, 14oz

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CJ’s Punch Bait is formulated to keep on your hook and draw in the catfish. Made with real fish attracting ingredients.

When using punch bait, use a size 4 or 6 treble hook and “punch” it down to the bottom of the tub and pull it back up. This gets a good sized wad on your hook and thats all you need.

CJ’s Bait Co. has been delivering fine quality catfishing products for well over 15 years. Charles Jones, founder of CJ’s Bait Co., has taken great pride in the development and creation of all his products. CJ’s Bait Co. is a nationally recognized name and has been featured in many state tournaments in Oklahoma and In Texas. The secret to CJ’s Bait is consistency in their product lines. They use fresh natural ingredients that stay on the Hook better, and inevitably catch more fish!