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Clint Locklear’s Camouflage Corn Solution, 32 oz


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Predator Control Group’s Camouflage Corn, 32 oz

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CAMOUFLAGE CORN turns that bright neon yellow corn into a hard to find and see camouflaged corn.

If you use trail cams and use corn to get the deer and turkey into view, we all know that dirt bags will look for your corn piles, then steal your trail cams. Cameras are hard to find but yellow corn can be seen from hundreds of yards away. A thief looks for your corn to find your expensive camera. So we came up with CAMOUFLAGE CORN to keep your trail cams from being stolen. Another reason is to keep others on your lease from setting up on your bait piles because they are to cheap to buy their own corn and scout their own deer. Plus if your into wildlife photography, you can now draw in wildlife to the corn or grain and not see the bright corn in the photography. Turkeys are hard to get into an area to get some cool pics, but with CAMOUFLAGE CORN and cracked corn you will be able to train the turkeys to come to the same spot and not see the corn in the pics.

Check your local laws! CAMOUFLAGE CORN is not to be used in states that do not allow baiting wildlife. Just because you can, does not mean you should chance loosing your hunting rights, don’t do it!

32 oz bottle

CAMOUFLAGE CORN is safe for wildlife consumption and will not change the taste of the corn.

This is very simple and easy to do. Take a five gallon bucket and add 25 pound of whole corn, cracked corn or grain. Add CAMOUFLAGE CORN to the bucket and add water to cover the corn. Gently stir a few time over 2-3 days. Do not pour from one bucket to another one during the 2-3 days, just gently stir a few time. After 2-3 days dump corn out on a piece of cardboard to dry. If you pour from one bucket to another one, you will not get the different colors that truly makes CAMOUFLAGE CORN a camouflage corn.How to get more CAMOUFLAGE CORN FOR YOUR MONEY. Take a second bucket and drill some 1/4 inch holes in the bottom of the bucket. Drain the CAMOUFLAGE CORN into the bucket with the holes into another bucket or tub. The CAMOUFLAGE CORN mixture will drain through the bucket with the holes into the other bucket. Once you corn has drained. Add more corn to the liquid that is in the bottom bucket. Do not add more corn than you have liquid. Let the new corn and the CAMOUFLAGE CORN mixture sit for 2-3 days. You can do this till there is not more liquid. We say you can do 25 pounds of corn, but you can do a whole bag if you recycle the liquid. Please note, the liquid needs to be used till it is gone. If you try and store it, it will spoil because of the organic matter from the corn will spoil. So keep going till you are done. Also keep in mind that you can not store wet corn, it will ferment. For hogs and bear this is fine, but not the best for deer. So spread out the corn and let it dry if you are not going to go out and apply in the landscape.


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