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Clint Locklear’s Tactical Nuke, Smoke Wild Ripe Persimmon, 16 oz


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Predator Control Group’s Tactical Nuke, Smoke Wild Ripe Persimmon, 16 oz

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Formulated as a raccoon calling dry lure/bait additive, Smoked Wild Ripe Persimmon is also a powerful deer calling additive that drives deer crazy. They will come back day and night, once they find it, and will make a habit to keep coming back. Not only is it designed to travel long on the wind to call deer to your feed, the taste will keep them coming back as well.

This dual attack of Smoke and Persimmon is sure to attract. Smoke is a universal attractant, and also helps carry the other scents far. Persimmon is a ripe, sweet smelling fruit that deer will be drawn to. Even if you don’t have persimmon trees in your area, once they get a snout full of this they know they want it.

Tactical Nuke is not one of the many cheap low response gimmick products that is flooding the deer industry. Try it for yourself in front of your trail cams before season and you will see why we call it TACTICAL NUKE! You will never see this response from corn or grain with a low tech oil that is based off of hype and tens of thousands of dollars in over the top marketing. We want you to test Tactical Nuke, and we want you to see the deer stack up waiting their turn. You will see the ground beat to death and dug up!

Tactical Nuke is made by Clint Locklear from Predator Control Group. He has long been making trapping lures for beaver, otter, coyote, fox, bobcat and raccoon. His success at these products is well documented. He has now added a line of deer and hunting scents, made with the same expert craftsmanship and quality, potent scents that he uses in his trapping products. This is a huge WIN for us deer hunters, since the deer market is flooded with inferior products.

Check out some Tactical Nuke for yourself. Mix up according to directions and plop a trail cam on it. You will become a believer!

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