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Magic Bait Co, Hog Wild Dipper, Green


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Magic Bait Co, Hog Wild Dipper, Green

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Designed to hold catfish dip bait. Releases the bait slowly through the mesh, creating a trail of scent in the water that catfish cannot resist. Includes a sponge at the bottom for extra scent holding, and a #6 treble hook.

How to use: Tie one on to your main line and mash it down into your dip bait with a stick. Use the stick to fill the mesh tube with bait. Pull it up and out of your bait. Cast it out and fish. Check your bait periodically to make sure there is still some inside the mesh.

Note that Magic Bait Company makes Dippers and Big’Ns, which both look the same. The Dippers are a little narrower and skinnier around, while the Big’Ns are a little fatter around and shorter. The Big’Ns hold more bait but both are very good at what they do.

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