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Mark June Windwalker Lure, 1 oz


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Mark June Windwalker Lure, 1 oz

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Windwalker is Mark’s #2 Top Selling Lure Behind Fox Frenzy! A predator food lure with a thick, syrupy consistency, finished off with a pinch of pure quill skunk. The seven ingredients used to make this lure are all natural to a predator’s diet so there’s nothing in this bottle to spook them. Effective at all types of sets. Gets better as the temp gets colder. This is an exceptional agent, east or west. Great on all canines, all cats, badgers, pine marten, and fishers. Probably our most versatile lure based on customer testimonials.

Mark milks his own skunks so this lure contains the real McCoy… not just tinctured essence. This lure “flat” reaches out to call predators in!
Successfully used on our own trapline!

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