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Mr. Whiskers Catfish Bait, Blood, 5 Gallon


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Mr. Whiskers Catfish Bait, Blood, 5 Gallon

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This is a 6 gallon bucket containing 5 gallons of Mr. Whiskers Blood Punch Bait. This size is popular with professional catfish guides, and those who do a lot of set lining, trotlining and catfishing. Mr. Whiskers Catfish Bait is a punch bait with natural fibers and natural ingredients.

Punch a treble hook (size 4 is what we use) down in the bait with the included stick, mash it around, then pull the hook back out. You will have all the bait you need to catch catfish.

This bait is made and used by a family of professional fishing guides in Texas. When their jobs depend on it, you know it works!

Mr. Whiskers is becoming one of our top sellers.