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Snare Extension Cable, 6′, 3/32″, Adjustable Ends


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Snare Extension Cable, 6′, 3/32′, Adjustable Ends

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Snare extension cables are invaluable on the snare line. When you need an extra few feet to wrap around a tree or fence post reach for one of these. Our snare extensions are made with adjustable ends, which means you can open and close the loop to wrap around about anything, such as traps, stumps etc. If you have ever used a snare cable that has closed loop ends you will appreciate these adjustable ones!

These attach to all kinds of snares, coyote snares, fox, beaver, bobcat, badger, raccoon, etc. Most of the time they are reusable from one catch to the next.


  • 6′ length
  • Fully adjustable ends (end loops open and close)
  • Made from 3/32 7×7 snare cable
  • Made in the USA, right here in our shop
  • Many other uses besides snaring, attach your traps to posts without staking, attach Dog Proof Coon Traps to trees, etc
  • Each cable is individually inspected, and each dozen is tested. We are serious about quality!

Every snare, cable stake, extension and drowner wire we make is personally inspected to make sure it meets our quality standards. We are trappers too, and we use and depend on these same cables. These carry our 100% quality guarantee. Thank you for your business.