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Trappers Flake Wax, 1 lb Bag


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Trappers Flake Wax, 1 lb Bag

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This is an easy melting and easy wax to work with when making waxed dirt or sand. This isn’t a true flaked wax, it is more like a granular wax, with the granules being just a little larger than sugar or salt granules. This makes it melt fast so you can make more dirt in less time!

If you want to learn to make waxed dirt there are lots of youtube videos you can watch. Most guys use 1/2 lb to 3/4 lb of wax per gallon of dirt or sand but it really depends on the dirt and sand you are using and experience is the best teacher when it comes to making waxed dirt.

Just remember that wax is flammable so be careful when using it with heat.