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Twin River #14 Raccoon Lure, 4 oz


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Twin River #14 Raccoon Lure, 4 oz

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#14 can be classified as both a bait or lure. It is a mix of proven coon calling scents put up in a fruit paste base. This lure uses the power of both smell and taste to keep them working the set longer. They wont be able to walk past this without stopping to check it out!

My favorite way to use this is to make what I call an “under bridge set”. I slap a smear of this on the bridge wall about 2 ft from the ground, and put a trap underneath it in about 3-4″ of water. Another good way to use this is to dip a stick in this lure and jam the other end down in the mud. Put a trap underneath that stick in a couple inches of water. They will go to town on that stick trying to get all the bait off it.
Successfully used on our own trapline!

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