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Twin River Berry Punch Dp Bait


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Berry Punch DP (Dog Proof) trapping bait.

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This bait kind of smells like Hawaiian Punch but with a little more of a berry twinge, hence the name. It is a good bait to use early on before it gets too cold and the fall berries are still going. However, tests have shown that it also works good even in the coldest of temps.

This isn’t your run of the mill pellet dp bait. This bait includes a key ingredient that most dp bait makers overlook, yet coon find irresistible. If you have made a lot of bait in your time, you might be able to pick it up faintly in this bait. You will also notice it’s absence in most other dp baits.

Many dp baits and homemade concoctions make use of grocery store extracts to provide scent. Initially this works but extracts are typically weak and will lose their punch after a few days of being in the weather. The scent components used in this bait are permeating and long lasting.

Tip: If things slow down and you think you have “trapped out” an area, switch up to a totally different smelling DP bait for a couple more days and see if you don’t start catching again.

Approximately 1 lb.

Successfully used on our own trapline!

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