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Twin River Coon Juice, Banana Blast


Twin River Coon Juice, Banana Blast

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Coon Juice is a new take on an old idea of trailing scents for raccoons. Everyone knows that trailing scents are used to stop a raccoon on a trail and get him interested and lead him to some bait and a trap. Traditionally, fish oils and similar products were used for this purpose. We have developed and tested new attention grabbing and good tasting scents and flavors that are proven raccoon attractants.

This product also works extremely well as a bait enhancement product. Whatever you use for bait in your DP traps, give it a few squirts of Coon Juice and add that “something extra” to your success rate!

Potent and lingering ripe banana smell.  Also works well for skunks during spring/summer ADC work.  Freeze proof down to 0 degrees or more.

Successfully used on our own trapline!

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8 oz, Pint

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