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Twin River Sweet Cherry DP Bait, 32 oz jar


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Twin River Sweet Cherry DP Bait, 32 oz jar

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Created from the start to be a sweet cherry smelling bait that draws in raccoons any time of year, and Mission Accomplished!

This bait is a pellet based bait with a lingering, pleasant, sweet cherry smell. This bait has put many, many coons out of commission with its irresistable pull and sweet taste.

All our DP pellets baits are made with the dual attraction power of scent and taste, which we think is key to a bait’s success on the trap line.

This bag contains enough for about 10-20 sets if you only fill to the trigger (which we reccomend). Drop a few pellets on the ground by the trap to get them interested and get them a little taste of what they can find inside!

Works equally well in cages, live traps and foot hold sets.

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