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The round head jig is probably the most versatile tool on the water.  Sometimes called the ball head, gumball or just round jig.  It is probably the most popular jig head in a tackle box where jig heads are present.  There are a few factors to consider when you are looking at round head jigs.

The paint makes the difference

Round Head Jigs

Round head jig, properly painted and cured, eye hole punched out, eyes painted.

Some overseas made roundhead jigs are finished with cheap paint, not cured, and not clear coated.  This causes paint to chip when any contact with rocks occur.  Paint can even chip while in the packaging just from normal handling.  A properly painted gumball jig will be powder painted and cured at proper time and temperature.  If powder paint is not used, then the jigs should be properly clear coated to prevent chipping.

To See Or Not To See

Some jigs come with eyes and some don’t.  If you want to talk a while, start up an argument with a fellow fisherman on whether or not jig heads should have eyes.  It should keep you arguing for a good long while.

When it comes to eyes, some people think that they are there to catch fisherman not fish.  Our jig heads typically come with eyes and we feel that it is an added attraction factor.  Most of the things you are trying to imitate with a jig have eyes.  Why shouldn’t the jig head?

Buyer Beware

A lot of jig heads are made overseas by cheap labor.  Cheap paint is used and will chip off easily.  Cheap hooks are often used which cause the metal to break instead of bend.  If this doesn’t bother you, then cheap jig heads are plentiful and available at any discount big-box store.  If you are a more “quality oriented” buyer, then you can find much better quality for not much more cost.  The value is substantial.

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