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When using round head jigs, the combinations of fishing style and rigging are vast.  This versatile little lure has caught too many fish species to mention, in bodies of water across the world.

Rigging Round Head Jigs

Rig up your round head jigs like you would any other jig head.  One popular way of rigging is with a Mister Twister curly tail grub.  On a 1/4oz. round head jig, adding a 3″ curly tail makes one of my favorite lures.

Round head jig – rigged and ready for action.

I have caught crappie, white bass, largemouth bass and nothern pike on this rig.  Some of my favorite color combinations are the black head/ black grub and chartreuse green/chartreuse translucent grub.  I have also had success rigging round head jigs with other plastics such as crawdads, shad bodies, and rubber worms of all styles and sizes.

Fishing Style

Jigging, obviously, is one of the main ways to fish these baits.  Jigging consists of letting your lure drop over the side of your boat, a dock or bank, and lifting the lure up a couple of feet then letting it drop back down.  This is a vertical presentation.  My favorite way is to let it sink all the way to the bottom, raise it up 2-3 feet, then let it fall.  Reel in some line, then repeat this process.  This method ensures you have covered the entire depth you are fishing with.

Also a favorite of mine is the simple cast and retrieve.  Cast it out, let it sink to the bottom, then start reeling.  Try different variations of this by not letting it sink all the way to the bottom, or moving your rod tip up and down while you reel, giving a swimming effect.

Another popular method is casting out, letting it hit the bottom.  Reel slowly, dragging your bait across the bottom or rocks.  This approach is popular with the crawdad plastics or rubber worms.  You may want to rig your baits weedless when using this approach to prevent snags.

The choices are endless

Vary your jig head colors and plastic types.  Find new combinations in addition to your old favorites.  Find something new that works!

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