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One of the finest lures in my bag is Canine Call made by Russ Carman.  Russ hails from New Milford, Pennsylvania and has made exceptional trapping lures for decades.  Canine Call is just that.  A calling lure for canines (Coyote, Fox Wolf, etc) but works equally well for other predatory furbearers such as bobcat, badger, fisher, mink and marten.  Canine Call is loud but not overpowering.  It is loaded with more ingredients than just skunk.  My favorite way to use it is place it on a leaf or twig or tumbleweed, up higher than my set so the wind grabs it and carries it off.

Canine Call also has a storied history.  In the coyote studies by Major Bodicker in the 1980’s, Canine Call proved supreme as a calling lure over many other options of the day.  You can read more about those studies here by following this link.

Canine Call has been responsible for putting many pelts on stretchers and lure bag will not be without it.

carman canine call lure

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