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We are excited to announce the development of this shipping option and offer it to you.  As far as we know, no one else is currently offering this rock bottom shipping option to you.

Here is how it works:
Sometimes you only want one item.  Lets say, for example, you only need one bottle of a trapping lure.  Why go somewhere else and pay $7 for the lure and $9.99 shipping?  After all, its only one bottle!?  Well, at H2 Tackle and Outdoors you don’t have to.  As long as that lure is the only item on your order, your shipping will be $4.39.  When is the last time you paid that much?

Single Item Shipping is not available on every item in our store (traps are not included), but it is available on most of the high demand items.  When it is available, you will see it as an option on the checkout page.  *Make sure you select it* or you will get charged the regular rates.

Single Item Shipping


It will only appear when you only have one item on the order.  Of course if you added more items to that order, it will revert back to our table rate shipping.  Our table rates are very competitive by the way!

It’s our pleasure to bring this to you.  It’s all part of our motto:  “Quality and Value for the American Sportsman”!