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I was listening to Clint Locklear’s Trapping Radio show the other day, like I do most every Monday on my commute to work. In this particular episode he interviewed Tom Miranda at the NTA convention in Escanaba, Michigan. Now I already knew who Tom is. I know he has a show on the Outdoor Channel, and most famously (to me, anyway) he makes some of my favorite coyote lure. But I learned a lot more about Tom than I already knew.

Start Small and Become Self Made

Tom really got his start like a lot of us trappers.  Seeing someone else trapping, catching fur, and wondering what it might be like to do that ourselves.  Tom never started rich.  He worked for everything he had growing up.  Doing various jobs, earning money to get to do the things he loved, bow hunt and trap.  Tom built his own log cabin in Michigan, and lived in it while he ran his trapline full time up there.

Trapping Endeavors

Book, Corn Fed Giants, Miranda-Barringer

Corn Fed Giants is my favorite book on whitetail deer hunting.

Tom was famous for trapping long before he became a bow hunting celebrity.  With his “be the best at what you do” mentality, he became a government trapper in South Dakota, earned his pilot’s license (to scout traplines), authored a few trapping books and began writing for Fur Fish and Game.  Some of his books include the Competition Line series of Fox Trapping, Water Trapping, Coyote Trapping and Bobcat Trapping.  I have read his Competition Line Water Trapping book and found it a no frills information packed read.  My favorite book of Tom’s is the book he co-authored with Bernie Barringer titled Corn Fed Giants.  This book goes into more about whitetail deer hunting and scouting than you ever thought.  We have that book available here in the store.

As a Lure Maker

Miranda Farmland Fox Lure, 1 oz

Tom Miranda’s Farmland Fox #1 Lure. One of my all time favorites.

I think one of Miranda’s best skills is that of lure making.  For years I have used his lures on my own trapline and personally know others who have also with success.  Two of my favorites are November Red and Farmland Fox #1.  You can click this link and view all Tom’s lure we carry.

In Conclusion

In conclusion I urge you to go and listen to Clint’s interview with Tom.  It is obvious the two had a good time doing it.  You are guaranteed to learn some new things.

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