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Many years ago when the fur trade was booming, there would be an annual rendezvous.   The height of these rendezvous took place during 1825-1840.  Wikipedia describes these gatherings as such:

Rendezvous were known to be lively, joyous places, where all were allowed- free trappers, Indians, native trapper wives and children, travelers and later on, even tourists who would venture from even as far as Europe to observe the festivities

fur trade rendezvous

The fur trade rendezvous of old. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.


You can read more about them here.

Modern Day Trapping Convention

In the modern day, much has changed in the way of conventions, but the idea is still the same.  A lively, joyous place where all are welcome.  There are things to do, look at, and buy, and many toys for us older kids.  I especially like the camaraderie I get from being around people like me.  This is my tribe.  These are my people.

I am attending a convention later this week and I have decided that I will document my preparations, travels and experiences at this event.  Even though I have an online store packed full of trapping supplies, I will not have a booth at this convention and will be attending as just a regular old trapper.  I am a member of the Nebraska Fur Harvesters Association (and do the website for them) so I will be helping out with some behind the scenes things that go on to make a convention successful.  But by and large my chronicles will be from the point of view of a regular guy attending a convention, camping out, and enjoying my weekend doing something I love.

Stick around, its going to be fun!

(Next Article – The Trip Out)

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