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The day got off to a slow start as I had a lot to get done before I headed west.  Getting up extra early didn’t seem to buy me as much time as I thought it would have.  I had to get a bunch of things printed off to use at the Nebraska Fur Harvesters convention booth and I did get all that accomplished.

Cleaned Out The Box Of The Truck

Since I had to transport some PA systems to the convention, I figured I would clean out the truck box from all the summer crap that had accumulated in there.  Sticks, leaves, fish hooks, stringers, firewood…the list goes on.

pros choice

An empty bottle of Pro’s Choice. This is a good sign.

Ironically when spraying out the truck I found an empty bottle of Pro’s Choice, one of my all time favorite predator lures.  I knew then that this was going to be a good trip.

After a fast $50 at Dollar General for some food and camping supplies, I was on the road.

The Road

If you have never driven across Nebraska, and talked to someone who has, you always get the same story.  Nothing to see, flat, cornfields, yada yada yada.

farm country

Farm country in the heartland

I differ with this point of view.  Because what I see is farm country in the heartland.  I see old farmsteads with a story to tell.  Holding hordes of coons.  Tree lines and brushy fence lines holding mice, which are hunted frequently by coyotes.  Streams and small rivers which are home to beaver, muskrats and mink.  Make the most of your journey, and see what you can see.

And The Road Keeps Getting Longer

Farm country gives way to ranch country as you stretch out into western Nebraska.

nebraska sand hills

Beginning of the Sandhills in Nebraska

The region known as the “Sandhills” holds antelope, jackrabbits, coyotes and more coyotes.  Pristine country, unbroken by the farmers plows, looked the same to the Oregon Trail travelers of the 1800’s.

Time For A Break

No trip across Nebraska would be complete without a stop at Ole’s Big Game Steakhouse and Lounge in Paxton, Nebraska.

oles lounge

Ole’s Big Game Lounge in Paxton, Nebraska

This is a favorite stop of mine, because when I was a kid with my family on vacation we always stopped here.  This timeless piece of Americana has animal mounts from all over the world, taken by a previous owner.  The ownership has changed but the decor has not, and Ole’s is a must stop on this trail.  After a quick pit stop here, it was back on the road.

Cowboy Country

Ranch country in Nebraska is a pleasant drive for me.  sand hills 2Again, I am fascinated by looking at the same land the pioneers and native American’s once did, well, except for the power lines and highways.

Arrival and Camp

As the sun sat in the western sky, I arrived at the Cheyenne County fairgrounds and started to set up camp.  It was a pleasant, windless evening and I had my gear unloaded and tent set up in no time.  I smiled as I listened to the howl of the distant coyotes.  It reminded me what time of year it was and why I was here.

Check out Day 1 of the convention here.

Tent set up and ready

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